Seating and tv area at White House Care Home


Cinema has the power to transport you to another world; it can make you laugh, cry, and reminisce in ways that few other forms of entertainment can. Our dedicated cinema room has been designed to bring our residents closer together, and it’s the perfect location for friends, family and loved ones to sit back, relax and spend time creating memories.

With genres ranging from black and white classics to rom-coms, to more modern releases, our film collection holds titles to appeal to everyone.

A Luxury Activity

We believe there is only one way to enjoy the cinema, and that is by sitting comfortably and watching it on a wide screen while enjoying a favourite snack,  we invite our residents to do just that. We want all of our residents to make themselves as comfortable either alone or with fellow residents. Residents are also welcome to use the cinema room to spend quality time with family.

Seating and tv area at White House Care Home

A Wonderful Hobby

One of life’s greatest pleasures is getting lost in a good movie, and at White House Care Home, we don’t see why that should ever have to stop. Watching a movie, whether alone or with a loved one, can do wonders for mental and emotional health, not forgetting the positive effects it may have on imagination, memory, and enthusiasm.

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Hands on Top of one Another

What You’ll Find at White House Care Home

We have purposely built our care home to include a wide variety of facilities and features that ensure comfort and convenience for each of our residents.

A-Z of Films

Snacks & Refreshments

Enjoy the Big Screen

Friends & Family Welcome

Comfortable Armchairs

Special TV Screenings

Cinema FAQs

Our cinema room has been designed to provide residents with an intimate and authentic cinematic experience without leaving the home. Our cinema includes a large flat screen, comfortable seating, cinema-style refreshments, and a vast selection of movie titles. Residents can enjoy their favorite films in a relaxing environment.

Every resident can take advantage of our cinema room, covered in their monthly fee. Family members and friends are also encouraged to use our cinema as they wish. Upon request, we can even organise private screenings for residents and their companions.

Our cinema showcases a wide range of movie titles and genres to cater to varied interests. By building relationships with residents, we have put together a selection of films that meets our resident’s interests and preferences.

High-Quality Care Personalised for You

Our local care home in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire is delighted to offer a wide range of care services. Exceptional care is our number one goal at White House Care Home and our expert team takes pride in delivering a high standard of care, where privacy and dignity is always respected. 

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