Dining area at White House Care Home

Courtyard Gardens

The beautiful courtyard garden at the heart of the home is the ideal spot for residents to relax. Residents can enjoy a stroll around the garden or a spot of gardening; we believe it’s important for residents to get some fresh air and to keep active on a regular basis for overall being, and encourage residents to get outside whenever possible.

When the weather permits, we arrange activities in the serene grounds, which are the perfect setting for residents and their loved ones to enjoy Afternoon Tea, spend time being at one with nature, or get lost in a good book.

A Tranquil, Safe Space

Our garden provides the ideal outdoor space for our residents to safely enjoy nature and take part in gardening activities, from potting new plants to tending those already in full bloom. This can be a great way to socialise, get to know like-minded residents and also feel a sense of independence and responsibility. We have seen firsthand the benefits that gardening and the outdoors can have on residents, which is why whenever the weather allows, our teams go to great efforts to arrange activities that can be enjoyed outside.

Dining area at White House Care Home
A watering can and plant pot

Outdoor Activities

Our residents are able to partake in our outdoor games on dry days. From bowls and table-top gardening, there are plenty of ways for residents to have fun outdoors. Outdoor games and activities encourage a happier way of life; research has shown that taking part can lower stress levels and boost self-esteem, allowing for more interaction.

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What You’ll Find at White House Care Home

We have purposely built our care home to include a wide variety of facilities and features that ensure comfort and convenience for each of our residents.

Afternoon Tea

Outdoor Seating

Bird Feeders

Courtyard Gardens FAQs

Spending time outdoors in the garden lets residents breathe in fresh air, engage in outdoor activities, and experience nature. This comes with mental and physical benefits, such as lowering stress and anxiety, improving mood, cognitive function, cardiovascular health, balance, and muscle strength.

In the garden, residents have the opportunity to participate in activities such as walking, gardening, exercise sessions, and reading. Weather permitting, they can also dine outdoors with loved ones, engage in outdoor arts & crafts, and appreciate live entertainment.

Definitely, our garden is accessible for residents with mobility concerns. We’ve established wheelchair-friendly paths and seating. The garden is secured with fencing and gates, and we’ve implemented safety measures like well-kept pathways and sufficient lighting.

High-Quality Care Personalised for You

Our local care home in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire is delighted to offer a wide range of care services. Exceptional care is our number one goal at White House Care Home and our expert team takes pride in delivering a high standard of care, where privacy and dignity is always respected. 

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